Wrongful Conviction Day,
October 2

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On October 2, the New England Innocence Project and thousands of people around the globe honored International Wrongful Conviction Day — a day to raise awareness of the causes and remedies of wrongful convictions and to recognize the tremendous personal, social, and emotional costs of wrongful convictions for innocent people and their families.

School Speaking Program for Wrongful Conviction Day

On Wrongful Conviction Day 2019, the New England Innocence Project, CPCS Innocence Program, and Boston College Innocence Program partnered with exonerees from New England to speak to students about wrongful convictions at 12 local schools throughout the Boston area.

We shared photos and video from the day on our social media pages. The day was a huge success — reaching 800 students in one day!

Want to learn or share what these students learned? Download our Wrongful Conviction Day School Handout:

Want to get involved?

Here are 8 easy ways you can help raise awareness

  1. Learn, Listen, Act: Learn about the common causes of wrongful convictions, listen to real wrongful conviction stories, then tell your friends and family. Spreading awareness is an important step toward preventing these tragedies from happening.

  2. Follow NEIP on social media and “like” and “share” our Wrongful Conviction Day stories and content using hashtag #WrongfulConvictionDay:

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  3. Sign-up to receive NEIP e-mail to stay up-to-date on innocence work news, exoneree stories, events, and more.

  4. Host a Facebook fundraiser for NEIP today: Raise $200, $500, or $777 – the number of years Massachusetts exonerees lost in prison since 1989. You can also make a donation to help bring innocent people home to their loved ones, as we rely on public support to continue our important work.

  5. Attend a NEIP event, including our inaugural fundraiser, Voices of the Innocent: Still We Rise, on December 3 at City Winery Boston. The evening will feature exonerees from New England sharing their personal stories of loss, truth, hope, and resilience.

  6. Join the “Running for Innocence” 5K or 10K team and help raise funds to hire experts and investigators who give innocent men and women in New England a fighting chance to achieve justice and freedom.

  7. Join the international letter writing campaign at: intlwrongfulconvictionday.org/letters and help secure an independent review of the case and new trial for Edward Knight of Massachusetts, among others.

  8. Sign the pledge: Help end wrongful convictions by calling for more comprehensive training on common causes of wrongful convictions.