Laura Carey
Staff Attorney

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Laura developed her passion for the innocence movement while working on an active NEIP case as a pro bono attorney. Having seen the incredibly damaging effects of wrongful conviction, she made the commitment to devote her professional life to fighting its causes and addressing its consequences.

Radha Natarajan
Executive Director


After 12 years as a public defender Radha joined the New England Innocence Project bringing her litigation skills, compassion and a fierce determination to bring an end to wrongful convictions.  Nationally recognized as an expert in eyewitness identification, Radha applies the lessons learned in the reform of eyewitness identification to other flawed uses of forensic sciences.  She provides trainings across the country to the judiciary, the defense bar, prosecutors and law enforcement. 

Elizabeth Regan
Case Director


Elizabeth Regan comes to NEIP with 30 years of experience in law firms working as a litigation paralegal. Liz is also NEIP’s longest active staff member; having been a paralegal for Goodwin Procter LLP where NEIP was originally founded and housed. In 2008, Goodwin Procter donated half of her time to work with NEIP as our Case Director. Her hard work paid off; and in 2015 Liz became NEIP’s full-time Case Director. Before the world of ‘Big Law’, Liz was a technical editor at Raytheon. She left and went looking for non-profit experience, and found it as Manager of Blood Donor Communications at Red Cross Blood Services. Outside of NEIP, Liz devotes her time to grassroots environmental activism, working on boards to create and administer children’s outdoor programming.

Eleanor Umphres
Legal Fellow

Umphres Head Shot.jpg

Eleanor Umphres is proud to join NEIP as a Legal Fellow, bringing with her the experience of more than a decade of professional and volunteer work in service of those who are incarcerated.  Having visited more than twenty-five confinement facilities across six states and personally witnessed unjustifiable brutality and inhumanity therein, Eleanor’s long-term aim is to do her part to improve U.S. prison conditions and sentencing policies. Eleanor went to law school with the specific goal of aiding those who are imprisoned, and she is therefore humbled by the opportunity to begin her professional legal career by diving into the multi-faceted world of post-conviction litigation.