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Annie Dookhan is Not the Point

Hinton Lab, Courtesy of Boston Globe

It’s been almost three weeks since the release of the Office of the Inspector General’s report on the Hinton drug lab scandal: Investigation of the Drug Laboratory at the William A. Hinton State Laboratory Institute (OIG Report). The …

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SJC rules Mass Statute Intended to Facilitate Claims of Actual Innocence

On Friday, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court issued its first decision interpreting M.G.L. ch. 278A- the important law that provides access to forensic and scientific analysis. This ruling strongly confirms that the legislative purpose of the Act was to create a new pathway …

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Political Doublespeak

The government shutdown this past October was enough to show that Americans are right to be distrustful of politicians. But this …

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Around the Innocence World

http://www.broadwayworld.com/atlanta/article/True-Colors-Theatre-Company-to-Present-LIFE-2020-39-20140227#.UxDJW846twt Georgia Innocence Project, in partnership with the True Colors Theatre Company, are performing Life: 20/20 on Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 7 PM. The play is a story of GIP’s first exoneree, Clarence Harrison, who was proven innocent after 18 years of wrongful …

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New England Innocence Project Blog Change

Hi All,

In the coming weeks, NEIP will be changing the way that we share news stories, and delve deeper into the issues that we think you’d like or need to hear about! Be sure to leave feedback as we change up the format, and open up the discussion to you, the valued members of …

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Vermont Passes NEIP Authored Legislation

Last week, the Vermont State Senate voted to pass two bills co-authored by the New England and National Innocence Projects. The two bills aim to mandate law enforcement’s use of best practices when conducting eyewitness identification procedures and false confessions. As research has shown, these are the leading contributing factors of wrongful convictions nationwide. In …

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Report on Wrongful Convictions by NEIP Board Member David Meier

In 2009, New England Innocence Project Board Member David Meier was asked to co-chair a task force to investigate the causes of Wrongful Conviction, and to provide recommendations to prevent the incarceration of the innocent. The report was featured and summarized in this month’s American College of Trial Lawyers bulletin, available here.

The full report …

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MA SJC Study Group Releases Reccomendations on Eyewitness Identification

In late summer, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court’s Study Group on Eyewitness Evidence released its report and recommendations to the justices. The long-awaited report includes five progressive recommendations to the SJC for improving eyewitness identification procedures and evidence. As recent research has indicated, eyewitness misidentification plays a role in approximately 79% of wrongful convictions, making …

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One Year After Release, Case Against John Grega Dismissed

Photo Credit: Ana Maria Rico, Newsday

NEIP congratulates John Grega in a victory that has been nearly 20 years in the making; the state of Vermont has dismissed the charges against …

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Exoneree Fernando Bermudez in Germany

Read about Exoneree Fernando Bermudez and his trip to Germany in his article: Apple Seeds for Justice over at the Innocence Project site.

Fernando, exonerated by IP, now lives with his family in the New England Area.

Make sure to check out …

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