Ronjon Cameron

14 Years

In September of 1999, a woman in Pittsfield, Massachusetts said she was raped in her apartment. The woman claimed that Cameron, who was living in the apartment complex at the time, had attacked her when she went to retrieve something from the apartment he was staying in. She claimed that Cameron smelt of alcohol and told police that he assaulted her. 

Cameron was convicted based on the accusation of the victim and "inconclusive" DNA results. Though Cameron had maintained his innocence and testified that he did not commit the crime, he was sentenced to 12 to 16 years.

Cameron’s case was reviewed by the New England Innocence Project and was then accepted by the Massachusetts Committee for Public Counsel Services Innocence Program. In 2012, more advanced DNA tests were done on the victim’s underwear. This test showed that the DNA on the underwear was not "inconclusive"; instead, it came from a woman and could not be a match to Cameron. Even with this information, a judge denied his motion for a new trial. Cameron appealed to the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts in 2015, and the high court reversed the lower court's ruling and granted Cameron a new trial. The prosecution then dismissed all charges against Cameron.