Roland Chretien

3 years

In 2003, a woman claimed she was choked and forced to perform oral sex on Roland Chretien, the owner of a New Hampshire motorcycle shop. According to Chretien, their sexual relationship was consensual.

He was convicted at a bench trial and sentenced to 6 to 12 years in prison. During the trial, the woman was asked if she had ever falsely accused any men of this crime in the past; she answered no.

After his appeals in state courts failed, Chretien filed a habeas corpus petition and was granted an evidentiary hearing at which the victim admitted that she had falsely accused another man of choking her and making her perform oral sex prior to Chretien’s case. A US District Court judge granted his petition and ordered a retrial. Afterwards, the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office decided not to pursue a new trial and dropped all charges.