Peter Limone

33 years

Exonerated on January 31, 2001


Peter Limone was convicted of the 1965 murder of Edward Deegan, who was shot to death in an alley. The FBI used wire taps in order to eavesdrop on mob members as they asked permission to kill Deegan, who had insulted them. The FBI did nothing with this information, but instead let the hit take place. Deegan was found in Chelsea, Massachusetts after being shot six times with at least three different guns.

Together, Joseph Barboza and Vincent Flemmi testified against Limone and five other people including Enrico Tameleo, Joseph Salvati, and Louis Greco. While the two informants admitted to being involved, they never served any time. Tameleo was originally sentenced to death in 1968, but his sentence was reduced to life in prison in 1972.

Limone’s sentence was overturned in 2001 after an FBI taskforce discovered evidence that he was convicted based on perjured testimony. Joseph Barboza, a mob informant, testified against Limone and his co-defendants. It was later discovered that the FBI hid information that could exonerate the men because they were trying to protect Barboza, their informant. Limone spent over thirty years in prison for the crime.