Marlon Passley

4 years

Marlon Passley was convicted of a 1995 shooting that occurred in Boston. Five boys were standing outside a friend’s house when two people approached them on a motorcycle. The passenger on the motorcycle, who was wearing a helmet, pulled a gun and shot the boys, killing one. A sixth boy, who was nearby, identified the shooter as “Kevin,” a man from Cambridge.

Three of the survivors also identified the shooter as “Kevin” and all four picked out Passley in a photo array and at trial. Passley admitted to being known as “Kevin” and to living in Cambridge, but said that he was at a family graduation at the time of the shooting, which was supported by several people. However, when the police searched his home they found a green mesh shirt that fit the description of the shooter.

On February 9, 1999, Passley’s sentence was confirmed. However, in light of new evidence suggesting John Tibbs was the real shooter, the district attorney’s office reopened Passley’s case, and reexamined the testimony against him. Tibbs confessed to the murder and Passley was released from prison in 1999, and formally exonerated in 2000.