Mark Reid

6 years

Mark Reid was arrested in 1996 for allegedly raping and threatening to kill a woman in East Hartford, Connecticut. The victim told police that she was taken by a man down an alley and forced to preform oral sex before being raped. She described the man as a light skinned black man with freckles who was of average height. She later identified Reid, who had no freckles was was over six feet tall. A police officer targeted him as a suspect when he thought the victim’s description resembled Reid.

Reid’s conviction was based largely on analysis of pubic hairs found on the victim’s jacket. While the technician, Kiti Settachatgul, testified that while she could not say the hairs found on the victim were identical to Reid’s, they shared characteristics. Semen could not be tested in this case due to the victim claiming that her attacker wore a condom.

In 2003, Connecticut Supreme Court issued Reid a new trial based on a retesting of the hair samples. The further DNA testing excluded Reid. All charges were then dismissed when the victim declined to participate in second trial. He served nearly six years in prison.