Eric Sarsfield

9 years

Exonerated on August 3, 2000


Eric Sarsfield was convicted of raping a women in Middlesex County, Massachusetts in 1986. Three months after the crime, Sarsfield was taken in by police for a one-on-one show-up in efforts to identify the perpetrator. Though the victim identified Sarsfield as her attacker, she was not certain.

Despite the fact that a rape kit existed, the Commonwealth offered no physical evidence at trial to link Sarsfield to the crime, and its case depended almost entirely on the victim’s less-than-certain identification of her assailant.

In March 2000, DNA tests conducted on the clothing the victim wore at the time of the crime excluded Eric Sarsfield as the source of semen found on the clothing. Sarsfield’s motion for post-conviction relief on August 3, 2000 was granted. The District Attorney’s office declined to re-prosecute.