Anthony Powell

12 years

Exonerated on March 8, 2004


In 1992, Anthony Powell was convicted of the kidnapping and rape of a teenage girl and was sentenced to a 12- to 20-year prison sentence. The victim was kidnapped in Roxbury, Massachusetts at knifepoint as she waited for a bus. The assailant raped her in a wooded area and then demanded that she come to a nearby skating rink the following night with $100. The next night, the police staked out the skating rink and picked up Powell.

The victim described her attacker as a clean shaven man, with letters shaved on the back of his scalp. On the day he was picked up, Powell had a full head of hair and facial hair. Regardless, Powell was identified by the victim in a police lineup and charged with rape. He was then convicted based on her testimony.

In 2002, DNA testing of semen found in the rape victim excluded Powell as the attacker. However, the victim claimed that she had sex with her boyfriend before the attack and that Powell may not have ejaculated. In March 2004, after serving 12 years of his sentence, Mr. Powell was exonerated due to the results of the testing. In July 2008, a 35-year old ex-inmate was arrested and charged with committing the crime for which Anthony Powell had served 12 years. Police linked the man to that crime, and three other unsolved rapes.