I support NEIP because there is no greater injustice than the conviction of an innocent person—and no greater horror than having one’s cries of innocence fall on deaf ears. NEIP hears those cries and fights for those wronged by the system in a region of the country renowned from its progressive values yet still plagued by error
— Daniel S. Medwed, Cambridge, MA

The Dennis Maher Society

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About Dennis Maher

In March 1984, Dennis Maher was wrongfully convicted of rape and assault in Lowell and Ayer, Massachusetts. In 2002 and 2003, DNA testing proved definitively that Dennis was not the perpetrator. Today, Maher is married with two children (who are named after his lawyers!) and is a member of the New England Innocence Project’s Board. Maher does speaking engagements throughout New England to promote awareness about wrongful convictions. He has also testified in front of various New England legislatures about reforms that would decrease the number of wrongful convictions.

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The Bernard Baran Society

Donors will receive recognition as Bernard Baran Society members with giving at least $10,000 annually. Members of the Bernard Baran Society will receive all of the benefits of the Dennis Maher Society, as well as:

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About Bernard Baran

In 1985, at the age of 19, Bernard baran was given concurrent life terms for three counts of child rape and five counts of indecent assault and battery of a child crimes that never even took place.  Baran was openly gay, and the prejudice associated with this likely contributed to the accusations and his eventual wrongful conviction. Baran was released from prison in 2006, and in 2009, the District Attorney dropped all charges against Baran and his case was dismissed. In September of 2014, just five years after his exoneration, Bernard passed away. His niece, Crystal Squires has since become a champion for NEIP in her uncle’s memory.

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[Bernard] deserves to be stood by and stood up for and I will do this until there is no more breaths left in me. Thank you again and I hope that people understand how important it is for these families to have their loved ones free, no matter how long it may be for
— Crystal Squires, Melrose, MA

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