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Advances in Forensic Science
False Confessions
DNA Mixtures & Contamination
Shaken Baby Syndrome

Advances in Forensic Science
Forensic Arson US Han Tak Lee
Forensic Biben IG Report Nassau County
Forensic Melson Attack Article
Forensic Minn V Beecroft Pathologist Interference
NAS Plus Outline April 2012
Alaska Policy Forum
Forensic Alaska Policy Forum ASCLD Lab Ethics Rules
Forensic Alaska Policy Forum Complaint ASCLD Lab
Forensic Alaska Policy Forum Complaint Cover Letter
Forensic Alaska Policy Forum Complaint RE Lab
Forensic Alaska Policy Forum Complaint to ASCLD Lab

False Confessions
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414 Mass. 804 Com v Phillip S
427 Mass. 564 Com v McCra
438 Mass. 372 Alfonso
Anatomy of a bad confession WBUR part 1
Anatomy of a bad confession WBUR part 2
Com v. DiGiambattista
COM. v. LEON L 756 N.E.2d 1162 (Mass.App.Ct. 2001)
Commonwealth v. Ira I. 439 Mass. 805
Commonwealth v. Nga Truong, Superior Court of Massachusetts 2011
Commonwealth v. Robinson
Commonwealth’s Opposition to Defendant’s Motion to Suppress Nga Truong Case
Graham v. Florida, 130 S.Ct. 2011 (2010)
J.D.B. v. North Carolina, 131 S.Ct. 2394 (2011)
Memo of Commonwealth Nga Truong Case
Motion to Suppress Materials Nga Truong Case
Order on Motion to Suppress Nga Truong Case
Roper v. Simmons, 543 U.S. 551 (2005)
Transcript of Hearing on Motion to Suppress Nga Truong Case
White Paper cited in DiGiambatista

DNA Mixtures & Contamination
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Fallible DNA evidence can mean prison or freedom-New Scientist – 11 August 2010 -
Genetics of Innocence- Analysis of 194 DNA Exonerations-Hampikian et al
Ignorance is bliss -The Economist
Powerpoint For Attendees Preventing DNA Errors 5.22.12
Subjectivity and bias in DNA mixture interpretation-Dror and Hampikian

Shaken Baby Syndrome
Adoption of Verena 2010
Aleman v Hanover Park. US 7th Circuit Appeal Court, 2011-11-21
Andrews v. MD, 11-14-02
Arbogast KB. Lucid interval. Pediatrics 2005
Arcos-WI, PLUNKETT direct 2004-03-09
Bandak FA. SBS and the neck. Forens Sci Int 2005
Barnes, Findley, Shaken Baby getting it right
Barnes Krasnokutsky ImagingCNSNAIMimics TMRI
Barnes PD. Ethical issues in imaging. Top Mag Res Imag 2002
Bazelon E. SBS and the Supreme Court., 2011-11-28
Binenbaum G, Brown S. RH animal models. J Am Assoc Pediatr Ophthalmo Strab 2007
Biron, Shelton, Perp accounts Child Abuse and Neglect 2005 pdf
Buttram – SBS Flawed Concepts and Misdiagnoses
Caffey J. SBS. Am J Dis Child 1972-Pediatrics 1974
Case M. Position paper on fatal abusive head injuries. Am J Forens Med Pathol 2001
Cavazos v Smith, 2011-10-11
Clement Hall Blog Shaken Baby and Sudden Infant Death Syndromes
Cohen MC. SDH, IDH and hypoxia. Forens Sci Int 2010
Commonhealth Shaken Baby Syndrome posts
Commonwealth of KY Order and Opinion Re Daubert Hearing
Commonwealth v. Roderiques
Cory CZ. SBS. Med Sci Law 2003
DelPrete v. Hullet 2012
Denton S. Delayed infant death. Am J Forens Med Pathol 2003
Donohoe SBSanalysis,8-20-01
Duhaime AC. SBS. J Neurosurg 1987
Duhaime AC. Shaken Baby Syndrome. NEJM 1998
Edmunds brief 7-25-07-final
Edmunds decision
Edmunds gov motion to dismiss
Edmunds reply brief 12-15-06
Geddes JF, Plunkett J. SBS. BMJ 2004
Geddes JF. Neuropathology of inflicted head trauma in children-I. Brain 2001
Geddes JF. Neuropathology of inflicted head trauma in children-II. Brain 2001
Goldsmith W, Plunkett J. Infant head injury. Am J Forens Med Pathol 2004
Henderson v R. [2010] shaken baby decision
Holmgren Prosecuting the Shaken Infant Case
Hymel KP. Rebleeding in chronic SDH. Child Maltr 2002
Jimenez v. Texas (Ineffective assistance-funding), 2010-12-31
Joseph Scheller MD report
Keller Barnes_ Rickets v Abuse plus Editorials Pediatr Radiol 2008
Keller rickets abuse reply
Kleinman Diagnostic Imaging of Child Abuse
Krasnokutsky MV. CVT. Am J Radiol 2011
Lantz PE. Fatal head injury from a stairway fall. J Forens Sci 2011
Lantz PE. Perimacular retinal folds. BMJ 2004
Leestma, Do Confessions Validate the Syndrome
Leestma. SBS. Am J Forens Med Pathol 2005
Lloyd J. Shaking and ADL. J Forens Biomech 2012
Lyons G. SBS. Utah Law Review 2003
Mack J. Anatomy and development of the meninges. Pediatr Radiol 2009
Mitchell v. Arkansas
Motion for New Trial _Shaken Baby
Obi E. RH pathognomonic signs. J Am Assoc Pediatr Ophthalmo Strab 2007
Ommaya, Goldsmith and Thibault. Br J Neurosurg 2002
Patrick Barnes interview Frontline
People v. Belahbib. California, 2003-12
Piatt JH. A pitfall in the diagnosis of child abuse. Neurosurg Focus 1999-1
Plunkett J. Fatal pediatric head injuries… Am J Forens Med Pathol 2001
Prange MT. Anthropomorphic simulation of falls… J Neurosurg 2003-1
Prange MT. Inertial neck injuries in children. SAE 2007-01-1170
Reese S. State v. Plunkett. OCDLA 2005
Seeley, BYU Law Rev Unexplained fractures in infants
Shapiro, motion for dismissal, 2006-02-20
Shirley Smith case reports suggest wrongful conviction in ‘Shaken Baby’ case – latimes.comGÇ¥
Smith v. Mitchell-CA, 9th Circuit Court, 2006-02-09
Smith v. Patrick-CA, 9th Circuit Court, 2007-12-04
Squier W. Spinal nerve root B-APP staining. Forensic Sci Int 2011
Starling Patel Analysis of perpetrator admissions
State v. Lee (Daubert), 2005-03-05
State v. Scribner (Daubert), 2003-12-08
State v. Two Bulls (SD-Daubert), 2011-04-27
The Agonizing, Complicated, Lingering Questions of Shaken Baby Syndrome – The Boston Globe
Tuerkheimer D. SBS – The next Innocence Project. Wash Law Review 2009
Uscinski, Shaken Baby Syndrome, An Odyssey
Vinchon M. Spontaneous SDH in infants. Childs Nerv Sys 2010Weiss DC. Smith 9th Circuit Court case. ABA Journal 2011
Williams CJ. Shirley Smith. LA Times, 2012-04-06
Womack AL. Shopping cart death in GA., 2011-09-21

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