Meet our newest NEIP team members!

Our NEIP team is growing!

We’ve come a long way. Just two years ago, the New England Innocence Project was faced with the possibility of closing its doors for good. Our hearts were heavy as we took on the difficult task of informing our clients that we may no longer be able to advocate for their freedom. It was during this time that we turned to you for help and you answered the call. With your support, we not only kept our doors open, we became stronger.

Today, we are proud to share that we are now growing as an organization! This year, we have expanded our team with several new staff hires. That means we can help even more innocent men and women in New England through increased litigation and investigation, policy reform, education and trainings, fundraising events, sharing powerful exoneree stories, and more -- in 2019 and beyond.

Meet our newest NEIP team members!

Cynthia Mousseau, New Hampshire Staff Attorney
Cynthia has been an attorney for 10 years and has worked as a public defender in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Due to her previous working relationships with the judiciary, law enforcement, prosecution, and the defense bar, she will be instrumental in expanding our mission in New Hampshire. Cynthia’s desire to pursue a deeper, more creative form of advocacy and her love of science inspires her work at the New England Innocence Project. She plans educational events for attorneys and judges and has assembled a Policy Advisory Committee in New Hampshire to advise on and support important New Hampshire legislative reforms. In addition to screening and litigating NEIP post-conviction cases, Cynthia also works with attorneys pre-trial in an effort to prevent wrongful convictions before they happen.


Jordan Salvatoriello, Director of Development & Communications
Jordan has more than 15 years of experience in communications, public relations, fundraising and community outreach. She is an award-winning documentary filmmaker with a proven history of creating and sharing powerful social justice stories that mobilize communities and create change. Jordan specializes in developing and executing communications and development strategies aimed at increasing public awareness of NEIP’s mission to correct and prevent wrongful convictions, tapping vital public support, while also providing a forum for exonerees and their family members to share, heal, and inspire action.

Eleanor Umphres.jpg

Eleanor Umphres, Legal Fellow
Eleanor has more than a decade of professional and volunteer experience in service of those who are incarcerated. Having visited more than twenty-five confinement facilities across six states and personally witnessed unjustifiable brutality and inhumanity therein, Eleanor’s long-term aim is to improve the conditions in U.S. prisons and reform sentencing policies. Eleanor went to law school specifically to aid those who are imprisoned, and she is therefore humbled by the opportunity to begin her professional legal career within the multi-faceted post-conviction litigation space.


Nina Thacker, Data Analyst
After interning at NEIP last year while completing her Master's Degree, Nina has returned to the organization as a Data Analyst. Currently working to organize, digitize, and compile data on NEIP's extensive case files and identify and analyze trends that can inform our future work, Nina is passionate about efforts to reform the criminal legal system and grateful for the opportunity to work within the field of preventing and correcting wrongful convictions.

Our entire NEIP staff, board members, and select NEIP volunteers and interns.

Our entire NEIP staff, board members, and select NEIP volunteers and interns.