Texas Forensic Science Commission Discusses Willingham Case

September 24th, 2010

After nearly two years, the Texas Forensic Science Commission (TFSC) has still yet to reach a decision about the Cameron Todd Willingham case, which has been pending since 2008. In 1992, Willingham was convicted of setting a fire in his home that caused the death of his two daughters. Willingham never stopped proclaiming his innocence. He was executed in 2004.

Members of the commission were reluctant to adopt the findings of the draft report, which states that the fire investigators were not negligent because they used fire investigation standards that existed at the time. One member, Sarah Kerrigan, thinks there is a disconnect between the standards used in the investigation and the ones widely accepted now. Another member, Garry Adams, said he was “not completely convinced that the science wasn’t available to the analysts” at the time of the Willingham investigation.

The commission will meet again on November 19th to hear expert testimony about the investigation standards then and now.

Click here to see video of Barry Scheck speaking in front of the TFSC last week.

Smith, Morgan. “Forensic Science Commission Takes up Willingham”.
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