Estate of Kenneth Waters Settles For 3.4 Million

July 15th, 2009

The estate of the late Kenneth Waters, who was exonerated in 2001 after spending 18 years in prison, has settled their case against the town of Ayer for a total of 3.4 million dollars. The estate, headed by Waters’ sister, Betty Ann Waters, is still in negotiations with one final insurer. Kenneth Waters was convicted in 1983 of first degree murder and armed robbery. He remained wrongfully incarcerated until his sister Betty Ann Waters became a lawyer and fought to free her brother by means of DNA testing. The civil rights suit against the town of Ayer included the charges that police officers coerced false testimony to convict Waters and withheld exculpatory evidence from the defense. Waters died just nine months after his exoneration, and Betty Ann Waters has worked on his behalf for compensation for his time in prison. Waters was represented by the New York Innocence Project and by New England Innocence Project attorneys when his conviction was overturned.

The Boston Globe: Ayer to pay $3.4m for unjust conviction