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Longtime Director of Law Library at New England Law Boston Passes Away

NEIP was saddened to hear of the passing of Frank Bae, but honored that he chose to recognize us in his obituary. Frank was the longtime director of the Law Library at New England Law Boston and his dedication to the legal system was unparalleled. His contributions to law and legal education will continue to …

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NEIP Exoneree Profiled in ABA Criminal Justice Magazine

The case of Jimmy Hebshie, NEIP’s most recent exoneree, was profiled in a short article in the winter 2012 volume of the ABA’s Criminal Justice Magazine. The article titled “Ineffective Assistance of Counsel and Expert Testimony” by Paul C. Giannelli examines the discredited arson sciene and …

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UPDATE- Juan Rivera Freed in Illinois

Juan Rivera, who was profiled in a November 27 New York Times Magazine article, was freed from prison in early January after an Appeals Court overturned his conviction. Rivera gave a confession to police after almost 24 hours of intense interrogation. Despite the confession, DNA tests conducted in 2005 showed that he was …

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Need for Forensic Reform Greater than Ever

The National Academy of Sciences released a report in 2009 detailing major flaws in the way forensic evidence collected from crime scenes is analyzed in the United States. The NAS report detailed how many labs draw conclusions from unproven and non-peer reviewed techniques such as bite-mark analysis. The report recommends implementing enforceable standards for various …

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UPDATE- Englewood Four Exonerated

Dixmoor Cases
(originally ran 11/9/11) Prosecutors in Chicago vacated the convictions of three men, Robert Taylor, Jonathan Barr, and James Harden, serving sentences ranging from 80-85 years in prison. Taylor, Barr and Harden were convicted as teenagers of raping and murdering a 14-year-old girl in a Chicago suburb in 1991. Police also charged two others, Robert …

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Dallas Man Freed after 31 Years

Rickey Wyatt held his 4-year-old granddaughter for the first time today after he was freed from prison after spending 31 years behind bars for a rape he insists he did not commit. Judge John Creuzot freed Wyatt and recommends that the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals vacate his conviction after it recently came to light …

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