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Innocence Network Releases Annual Report- NEIP has 1 of the 21 Exonerations this Year

The Innocence Network released its annual report today revealing that 21 people across the country were exonerated by Innocence Network member organizations for crimes they didn’t commit in the past year. Two men served more than 3 decades behind bars before being exonerated. There are …

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Kentucky Man to Celebrate First Christmas with his Family in 14 Years

Kerry Porter was granted an official exoneration and was released from prison on Monday after spending 14 years in prison for a murder that he always maintained was committed by another person. The Kentucky Innocence Project in conjunction with Louisville Metro Police re-investigated the case and uncovered new evidence which helped free Porter. Metro Police …

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How False Confessions Occur

Local NPR station WBUR ran a powerful two-part story recently about how false confessions occur. Many people cannot imagine why anyone would admit to committing a crime that they did not commit and in fact, confessions are the single most convincing piece of evidence to a jury, even more so than DNA. What’s frightening then …

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UPDATE- Freed Virginia Man Works to Clear his Name

(originally posted 9/30/11) In 1984 18-year-old Thomas Haynesworth went to the grocery store to pick up a few things for his mother. He never made it home. He was arrested by police on suspicion of committing five different rapes in the area after one of the victims identified him as the perpetrator. Haynesworth was convicted …

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